Freitag, 29. Oktober 2010

Dia de Los Muertos Bike Show 2010

November 1st 2010, we proudly present one of the hawtest bike shows in SL! Maven Home and FAB choppers supports us and present best bike builders in "day of the dead" themed show on Viva Kustom sim! Besides hawt bikes we have best gang look contest, Leandro from Argentina does kick it with his live guitar rock tunez, dia de los muertos look contest right after, Kiss tribute band live on stage and much more!!

Come on down and check it out!

NEW TODAY! Polkadotted bordello pumps!

NEW! Awesome Thighhigh boots..

Beautiful Gator skin boots!

Montag, 21. Juni 2010

Tattoo Convention @ Viva Kustom

June 26th 2010: Secondlife's first Tattoo Convention in Los Angeles commung up! Best artists of SL did join such as Xion Hax and Rudee Voom! Lide Djs, meeting the artist in person, Metallica Tribute band, firework, best tattoo contest and much more comming up! Rocknink baby!!

Sonntag, 13. Juni 2010


The Pirate Arts sim did change its look!

LOS ANGELES YO! yeeehaaww

Mittwoch, 12. Mai 2010

Complete Riding / Biker Boots Range

Here is a pic with all boots in Pirate Arts shop! And of cause you have em as plain leather for men too ;)

Riding / kneehigh Engineer Boots

These beautiful Riding / Engeneer Boots are my favorite in RL! I have em of Buffalo and always wanted some like 'em in Second Life! They come in different versions: black leather, shiny leather wich I think look kinky ;) They are modifyeable, cause many dont like scripts and they usually have a slight ballon effect and its not really fitting well ;) They come as well in regular biker boots style and of cause as well for men ;)

Dienstag, 4. Mai 2010

BAD ASS- Race Biker Boots

These race boots are just a sample of 3 special set biker boots. Since almost all known garages set race teams I descided to build these. They oldschool, look tuff and are none scripted , so you mod em to your legs and wont cause any lagg as you kick the race track! They 2.0 viewer compatible with alpha layer, handmade textures and smooth set sculpts! They are set to these BAD ASS - version, Trophy Hinter- or Indian Team - logos!

Glitter Glam Plateau Pumps in shop!

Those hawt in RL absolutly "a-must-have" glitter pumps are in Pirate Arts shop now!They come in 14 different colors! 2.0 viewer compatible with alpha layer, mod to fit perfect!

1932 Indian4- SL contest legend

The Indian4 is already built a few weeks ago and already succeeded in a few contest, YAY! Viny Binder is back in town and does his hawt engeneering again on the bikes! THey all ready to roll soon ;)

Montag, 8. März 2010

PREVIEW: 1932 Indian Scout 101

This is brand new set bike: A 1932 Indian Scout 101 and at scripter now"

This bike has only 29 prims, all own made sculpts, own textures.


This bike will have next generation script set. Many new and regular high quality settings. just to give you a few ideas :

-New bike setting system
-Original Indian Scout sounds: run, burnout, rev, idle, start , stop
-Parkposition, new poses
-Texture changeable by order
-Dragmode Pro/Open

and many more

built by Zara Yip, scripted by Viny Binder

1st prize Award Winner of MT Lovenkraft bike contest in low prim category of 7th of march 2010

Latest Release: Custom BMW R51 "General Lee"

This is latest full scripted release: A R51 BMW custom "General Lee"

This bike has only 31 prims, all own made sculpts, own textures.


-Resize script, fitting pose in setting (delete after to minimize scriptmemory)
-Restpose, burnout pose, ride pose
-Original r51 sounds, horn of the movie, rev sound, stopsound, runsound
-Drag mode Pro/Open, lights, flight, burnout, idle on/off, gearshift

built by Zara Yip, scripted by Viny Binder

1st prize Award Winner of Shameless bike contest with 54 entrants

Mittwoch, 3. März 2010

Pirate Arts Shiny Glam Heels!

New! Shiny Glam Heels, sculpted, handpainted and with red sole! Come down and check them out! 19 different colors.. yay!
Pirate Arts Mainstore

Pirate Arts Suede Glam Heels!

Here are the new Suede Glam Heels! Sculpted and handpainted textures! They come in many colors! check 'em out in store!
Pirate Arts Mainstore

Pirate Arts opens Blog!

Hi everybody! Pirate Arts opens its own Secondlife fashion and motorcycle blog! Check in regulary cause I will ost all new clothes, hair, shoes and bikes!